Happy International Women's Day!

Thanks to my week off last week I’m a little bit behind the curve at the moment but still, as a woman and someone devoted to helping other women love themselves, this is an important day to focus on!

It’s about standing up and starting a conversation around women’s rights and taking a stand to say that until every single woman in the world is being treated fairly, things still aren’t good enough.

Think about it; even now in my very civilised life in a very democratic society I have examples of being told I can’t or shouldn’t do things because I’m a woman; of having my bum grabbed (or even bitten on one occasion… I know, right?!) on nights out and even of the morning I walked into work and was greeted with “Morning, nice tits!” (seriously).

So many of us have stories of having been treated differently, let down or even hurt because we’re women. And that doesn’t even consider where treatment of women is even worse; unequal to the point of being archaic, violent and even murderous.

It’s why women’s rights are important right across the world, and why we need to stick up for and celebrate one another wherever and whenever we get the chance.

The #WCW hashtag is an old, and at times superficial one, but it’s a good one too because it encourages us to celebrate the women who inspire us and to highlight one each week as our Woman Crush Wednesday.

Some of the awesome women who inspire me x

And for that reason it’s one I’m choosing to reinstate with a vigour over on mine and Shelley’s Facebook group, True You.

It’s a community for empowered women and you it makes sense that every week we should use it to share the women who inspire us.

My first one for this week is the awesome Emma Watson. Want to know why? Or to get involved and share your own? Head over to the group and join us now!

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