Healing for the generations

Last week I learned one of the most captivating things about my body ever.

I was reading Love Your Lady Landscape by the amazing Lisa Lister (seriously it’s awesome, she’s awesome, I even get a mention – go read it!) and saw the following sentence:

“My most favourite fact to share about the ovaries is that we have all the eggs we’re ever going to have when still a foetus inside our Mumma’s body.”

- Lisa Lister

So basically what that means is that as a woman, your children existed as cells inside you while you were inside your mother. And you? Well you existed as cells deep within your mum’s mum too.

Now if your relationships with the women who’ve come before are like mine then that’s a pretty awesome thought. In fact when I read it I actually cried because the whole idea seemed so beautiful and resonated so very deeply with me – that I had been carried into being in this life not only by my Mum, but by my Nanna too; that my Mum had once lived and grown not only inside my Nanna, but inside her Mum too, and so on and so forth – wow.

Of course if your maternal relationships aren’t quite so positive then that very idea in itself may lead to some challenging feelings, and bring with it a desire to either cut loose and run from the womanly parts of you, or a recognition of the need to heal…

After all, we know only too well that we carry memories, pain and behavioural patterns within us at a cellular level, so is it any wonder that the “sins of the father” or in this case patterns and fears of the mother, often continue within us when we have been physically grown and nurtured within not one but two of the women that have gone before us?

But it’s not just the specifics of our own direct relatives that we carry, but the pain and patterns of centuries and centuries of the women that have come before us, all carried forward on some cellular level. Those women who were tried and hung as witches, or were told to hide their connection to nature and themselves by societies that were frightened of them; those who were told that they were somehow less because they had dared not to be born men, and so so many others throughout history… each of those generations carried forward the next, and the generation after that, and in doing so passed down their memories, their fears and their feelings.

And so it will continue… and we will pass on those feelings and those patterns to the generations we carry within us, and so on and so forth.

Unless we don’t.

Healing for generations

Unless we stop to look within us and to heal those patterns that have been carried forward, in doing so preventing the negative parts within that from being carried forward further.

That doesn’t mean cutting our connections to those that have gone before, and it doesn’t mean throwing away the positive experiences and amazing behavioural patterns that come with that. But, as with everything, it means taking the time to understand and to heal.

If you’re in the position to do so it's time to hug your mum, your nanna and/or grandma, and all the women that have gone before and to thank them for all they've brought to you. But not only that, maybe it's time to hug your daughters too... to appreciate the miracle of their lives and the many many potential lives they have within them, and to help them start that healing journey too.

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