Putting yourself first

How many times so far this week have you put someone else’s happiness in front of yours?

It’s something we all do; take care of other people to the detriment of ourselves and our own well being, but why?

I know, I know, sometimes needs must. After all you can’t leave the kids unfed or the dog unwalked, and you can’t always leave the work undone.

But what about aside from that? How often do you run at 100mph all day looking after things for everyone else, so that by the time you finally stop you’re ready for nothing but a fitful night’s sleep?

Frankly, that’s just crazy; it’s crazy for yourself and, if we’re honest, it’s crazy for the people you love too.

Neglecting yourself helps no one

After all what happens when you don’t look after yourself? You get tired, possibly even ill and almost certainly snappy. You find yourself barking at those you love, huffing and puffing your way through your daily tasks, and more than likely doing nowhere near the best job you can at anything that’s asked of you.

It leaves you feeling crappy and it more than likely upsets those around you too.

But when you look after yourself? Well that’s a different ball game entirely. Taking some time and space for your own needs helps refill your energy level and allows you to give your all to everything and everyone in your life without feeling resentful or frustrated.

And more than that, it allows you to reconnect with you. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; you are the only constant within your own life – the only one who has been there since the moment you came into being and will be there until the second you head back to the Spirit world. That’s a long time to spend with someone; and even longer when that person isn’t someone you care about.

Neglecting yourself brings about all manner of negative thoughts, feelings and even actions… and frankly, life is way too short to waste too much of it on any of those things.

So let’s make a commitment right here and right now to look after our own needs as we do of every other soul we love; to check in with ourselves for even just a few brief moments every day and see what we need – not what we think we should do, or what other people want us to do, but what our heart’s truth says.

And when we’ve heard and accepted that, let’s make a commitment to act on it as best we can, whether that be a cold drink in the sun, an early night with a book or the chance to crank up the volume and sing along to some cheesy pop in the car.

Whatever your needs make sure you’re taking care of them first and foremost. Because it’s a necessity, and because you are way more than worth your own care and attention.

Post originally published at www.auroracentre.co.uk.

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