Why the world still needs feminism

Shelley and I are unashamed feminists. Does that mean we hate men, think women are better, or that we deserve some sort of special treatment in everything we do? Most definitely not. It means we believe in equality. True, true equality.

On a spiritual level that’s about encouraging the world to embrace the Divine feminine within and outside of themselves; to see Her amazingness and to recognise the Goddess as well as the God in everything they do.

On a grounded, physical level, it’s about building a world in which our daughters can have the same opportunities as our sons, our feminine qualities are celebrated as much as our masculine and that women everywhere can feel just as safe as men to wear, do and be whatever they want in the world.

A while ago I watched the Girl on Fire advert with a man I love. Many of you will have seen this, and for those who haven’t, it’s here; a little girl going through the internet and learning about the inspirational women who’ve come before her.

The man I was watching asked why there’s no advert like that for little boys. My answer? That boys are told time and time again about the amazing men they have to look up to and emulate whereas girls? They don’t get quite the same.

Just look at the media and see what they have to say about successful women...

Strength in a man is bitchiness in a woman or how ambition in a man is just a conniving woman. Look at the way we focus on what a woman is wearing, who she has on her arm or how many past partners she’s had rather than on what she’s said, or the achievements she has notched up along the way.

Then look outside of the western world’s media glare; to the girls not allowed to go to school because their family’s need someone to clean the house, those forced into marriage before they’re even old enough to start daydreaming about their wedding day, the women who can’t walk down the street alone for fear of attack and those who still aren’t allowed to have a say on big matters or to build a career for themselves.

And it’s not just in the third world that that’s the case; I’m fortunate to live in a culture where I have so many opportunities and so much to be grateful for but still, I could list the experiences of my own that have led me to adopt a proactively feminist stance – the sexism, the harassment, the judgment, the restriction and even the attacks.

But I won’t do that, because if I really get started on the theme of sexism and overcoming that to build a more equal culture I’ll be here forever. And because this post isn’t about me, it’s about telling you why we need feminism, and inspiring you to do your own research into that.

It's a subject I've been hugely inspired about over recent months, never more so than by the strength and courage of a woman whose response to a truly horrific attack touched and inspired me hugely the other day.

And so I’ll defer you to the words of the amazing lady who suffered the now infamous Stanford College rape, and the statement she made to the man accused of raping her who received just six months in prison. The sentence is an utterly disgraceful shambles which should never be allowed to stand. This lady's response to him? Well, that that took my breath away.

Her words are amazing, powerful and a down right inspiration, and you can read them here.

Post originally published at www.auroracentre.co.uk.

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