Playing the hell out of the cards you're holding

I read these words for the first time recently and they really struck a chord with me.

How often do we use the words “should” and “if only” when it comes to how we visualise our lives? I should have more time, I should have kids by now, if only I were taller, if only I had been born a millionaire – and yup, those are just the ones my ego is so good at whispering.

As you know, we Aurora girls are firm believers that you can manifest pretty much anything and everything you want, but actually some of the demands we put on ourselves and the Universe are totally unrealistic.

Unless someone sticks me on a torture rack I will never be the two or three inches taller I used to dream of, and although I still believe that one day I’ll be a millionaire, that’s not something that was handed to me at birth.

The photo behind this quote was taken on a family holiday to the Scottish countryside last year. The beautiful flower in focus maybe should have sprouted up in a beautiful meadow somewhere; or if only its seed had fallen on the pillowed, mossy floor of a beautiful tree-lined glade it could have been part of the most stunning woodland scene.

Instead this little flower found itself sprouting on a wall. Yes, that’s right; a moss-covered dry stone wall at the back of a little log cabin. Potentially disappointing right? Especially in an area where there is so much greenery and natural beauty; in fact a lesser flower might’ve given its life up as a disappointment there and then and refused to grow any further.

Not this flower though.

This flower sprouted, and grew, taking its place amongst the moss and growing so bright and beautiful that it not only fulfilled its purpose but it absolutely shone within the environment it found itself.

So what if we were to act like that flower and follow this quote; instead of cursing the things we believe we should’ve had, focus on making the very very best of the life we’ve been given?

If you’re short like me then by all means wear heels or lifts, but also relish the fact that you’re petite, and embrace all of the benefits that involves.

Of course you should work on manifesting the things that you want and on changing the things that you can, but while you do that make the very best of the situation you’re in. OK you may not want to live in your current home forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it as beautiful and comfortable as possible while you’re there.

And you know what you’ll find along the way? That not only will you shine and stand out like the flower in the picture, but that you’ll start to feel better too, meaning that manifestation will come all the easier as you go.

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