33 and counting... achievements

Today I turn 33. I know, happy birthday to me right?

So far the year’s started well; Kali and I began the day with a walk at one of our favourite places, earlier I won £5, this morning we’ve curled up on the sofa while I did some Aurora work and in a couple of hours I’m heading out for a birthday lunch with my parents and brother. All good right?

Absolutely! But earlier on I started thinking about what I had expected from this year… about the fact that growing up I always figured that by 33 I’d have the life I always dreamed of; children of my own, a loving husband, a big, comfortable house for us all to live in, and my perfect job to pay the bills.

And if truth be told, I’m still quite a long way away from some of those goals. It’s not something I really think about too much, but at the times I do stop and take stock it does come up quite prominently.

This morning was one of those times, and so I allowed myself a little bit of a mope while I thought about all of the things I haven’t achieved yet. Because you know what, moping is absolutely allowed every now and again... as long as it’s not a permanent thing. Because let’s be honest, who ever achieved anything by moping?!

So after a few minutes of moping I took some advice I’ve been seeing all over the shop recently, pulled my big girl pants up and decided to reframe my perspective on this one.

It’s true, there are plenty of things I haven’t achieved just yet. And some parts of my life that currently aren’t the way I want them to be. But then again there are plenty of things I do have to be proud of.

A column I read by Lauren Laverne recently talked about scrapping the whole idea of a bucket list, and instead writing an achievements list; focusing on all of the things you’ve already done rather than those you haven’t yet. So in the Spirit of that, and in no particular order, here’s mine:

  • I am a published author

  • I have worked in what I always considered to be a dream job… actually not just one dream job, but a few of them

  • I, along with my very best friend in the world, have my own business

  • I own my own home – alone – growing up that’s something I never expected to be able to do

  • I have travelled the world

  • I enabled a child to get an education he otherwise wouldn’t have had had an education

  • I have a beautiful, loyal and (reasonably) well behaved dog

  • I have a life filled with wonderful friends and family members, with whom I’ve built amazing bonds

  • I’ve run two half marathons

  • I trekked the Inca Trail – again something I always wanted to do but never thought I could

I’m almost certain there are more, but that’s just off the top of my head. OK yes, there are plenty of things I haven’t achieved yet, and plenty I still want to, but I’m still only 33 right?

So the next time you’re feeling a bit lost, and as though you’re not quite in the place you want to do, I urge you to do exactly what I did…

Stop, put your big girl (or boy) pants on and look at just have far you’ve already come xxx