Are you ready to own your story?

We love a good story. From warriors overcoming the monsters that threaten to stand in their way to people solving mysteries that give them the freedom to move forward in life and the happy ever afters that fill our hearts with joy.

But what if we looked at our own lives as stories too? After all, there are a lot of similarities: They both have beginnings and ends, a whole cast of interesting and lovable (or sometimes not so lovable!) supporting characters, and one person right at the centre whose experiences we follow for better or worse over years and years.

Following on from a workshop first publicly shared at Fearne Cotton's 2019 Happy Place Festival, Ceryn is continuing to work with this theme that has already resonated with so many people. Read on to find out how you can work with your own story...

Online Workshop

Ready to work through the pains and experiences of your past, embrace your present and understand the language of your heart and imagination to create a life that's truly right for you? 

Join Ceryn for a recording of her free online workshop on the foundations of Owning Your Story by clicking here.

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Meditations and music

Looking for something a little more to help with your journey, check out the meditations below:

And if you're struggling to think of a theme song for yourself then let Ceryn help... Head over to Spotify and listen to her Power Songs playlist


(Note: This probably tells you a lot about Ceryn's taste in music!)

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Watched the workshop and ready to dive deeper into this journey of owning your story?

Look no further... Just click on the image to the left to view the free Owning Your Story workbook; your opportunity to delve into some of the exercises and prompts suggested in the workshop, while also personalising this work for yourself.

Image by Lee  Campbell

And watch this space, for the next chapter of this work coming very soon...