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Soul Integration Reading

Are you ready to order your own Soul Integration Reading simply click on the relevant links below and complete your purchase.  If you would like to know more about Soul Integration Readings simply click here.

By placing an order you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of purchase:

  • Your Soul Integration Reading will be delivered to the email address provided within two calendar months of ordering.

  • No refunds are possible once your document has been delivered.

  • If you purchase a Soul Journey Insight Pack as a gift, please share the name and birth details of the intended recipient and the email address you would like this to be sent to at the time of order.

  • To carry out these readings Ceryn will connect directly to your energy during your recording(s) and for 30-minutes before. This will be done solely for the purposes of your reading, and once complete she will step back and disconnect from your energy. You should not experience any adverse reactions to this connection, but may be aware of a change to your energy during this time. 

  • In accordance with UK law, please note that any information given in these packs is for guidance only, and any actions taken are done so at your own choice and responsibility. Although Ceryn wholeheartedly believes in her own connection and the information she shares, mediumship, past life and ancestral insights are not scientifically proven and we must advise you that any readings are for entertainment only and subject to your own interpretation. Soul Integration Readings are available to over 18s only.