Online Courses

I am a total geek, and learning is one of my favourite things in the world, as is sharing insight and knowledge with others who are on their own paths of Soul-led discovery and expansion.

Below are details of all of the online courses I am currently running and preparing to run over the coming months. Watch this space or sign up for the monthly Lush Letter to be the first to know when each of these go live.

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No matter how much training, experience and expertise we have in our own work, we are rarely taught how to hold a truly safe and sacred space.

​But we deserve better. Our clients deserve better. Our work deserves better.

​Hold and Be Held invites you to embrace and integrate your own transformative superpower as a space holder. The first course ran in February 2022, with more to come later in the year.


The word "witch" is a popular one, but it means so much more for us - individually and collectively. 

Through this year-long journey we will connect to the Earth and Her cycles, as well as to the power and wisdom within ourselves in order to truly honour the witches within us. 

Honouring the wheel is planned to begin in the second half of 2022.


From the star system of Sirius to the ancient temples of Egypt, Sekhem healing is a power force for expansion and the awakening of deeper consciousness. It's a modality that changed my life and one I am so excited to teach and share further. 

Watch this space for more information on Sekhem courses, which will be available to book from Spring 2022. 


Of all of the work I do, mediumship is the thing I am most often asked about.

And not only is it time for those questions to be answered, but far from the scary and limited back rooms of old, it's time for mediumship to expand into the 21st century, and our connections to move with it. 

Be The Bridge will run in 2022 - watch this space for more details.   

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Primal Healing has deepened my connection to Earth, the Stars and my own energy body in ways I had never previously thought possible. And although clients who have received Primal Healing have experienced the benefits of that for themselves, I believe it's time we all accessed this insight on a deeper level. 

Watch this space for details on Primal Healing initiations, which will be offered during 2022.