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Hold and Be Held

Beginning 10 May 2022

A seven week journey to embrace your transformative power as a holder of truly safe and sacred space

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We’ve all been in those uncomfortable situations:

  • A healing sessions with someone who has no filter when it comes to sharing their insights

  • A course in which the teacher shares deep and powerful wisdom… then disappears just as the integration process gets tough

  • A group session which becomes all about the leader, leaving everyone else feeling unheard and unsupported.


And maybe, like me, after each one of those experiences, you’ve thought “I’d never put my clients in that situation!” Then it happens…

  • You run a group session and come away feeling drained and frustrated

  • A client brings something to the table that throws you off balance as you have no idea how to handle it

  • Our communities begin to dwindle as people tell us it’s just not the experience they expected

  • You find your own wounds and traumas triggered by the experiences of your clients

These things happen to us all. Because no matter how much training, experience and expertise we have in our own work, we are rarely taught how to hold a truly safe and sacred space.



I know because I’ve been there too. In my early days as a medium, I would receive deep and powerful information from Spirit, with no idea how to share it in a way that was truly safe and supportive for clients.

My clients deserved better. My guides deserved better. I deserved better.

So I headed off into four years of intensive training that taught me how to hold a truly safe space.

Then I continued with that training, immersing myself in courses and opportunities wherever I could to deepen the learning that would make space holding my super-power.

The more I learned, the more I realised just how important this is for anyone who creates and holds space, especially on a Soul level. Which is where it became clear that this needed to be shared.

Want to learn more? Read on to find out what Hold and Be Held involves, or click here to book your place.

What to expect

In this seven-week course we will walk together and support one another through the vital ingredients of powerfully safe and supportive space holding.

And, more than that, we will take a deep journey within ourselves to really integrate that wisdom into our own work to create the safest and most potent spaces possible for ourselves and our clients.

During our time together you will receive:

  • Six weekly workshops, each focused on one of the vital ingredients needed to create and hold a safe and supportive space

    • Firm foundations: The basics of space holding and why this is so important;

    • Creating a safe space: Laying the boundaries for safe and sacred space and ensuring everyone is aligned and held.

    • Preparing your own space: Keeping yourself safe and nourished as the space holder;

    • Clearing your space: Recognising and owning the past and inner challenges that could threaten your ability to hold space for the benefit of yourself and your clients;

    • Honouring your space: Getting clear on how best YOU can hold your clients, and stepping back from the "shoulds" that pull you away from that;

    • Protecting your space: Caring for yourself, your clients, your business, and your space when something goes wrong.

  • Access to seven follow-up support sessions, in which we will hold space for one another and you can share your experiences or seek support as needed

  • Six sets of supporting materials aimed at deepening your inward journey and giving you all you need to become a truly super-powered space holder

  • Access to an exclusive online group where you can share anything and everything you need

  • A closing ceremony and ending session to tie up any loose ends, discuss your next steps and ensure our space is energetically sealed


Sound good? Click here to sign up now. Or read on to learn why I am the perfect guide to support you on this journey.

Why Ceryn?

When it comes to super powers, I’ve regularly been told that space holding is one of mine.

But that didn’t all come naturally; it’s something I’ve worked hard to cultivate through years of dedicated and immersive study and training.


I am:

  • A qualified and BACP registered counselling therapist;

  • A therapist, medium and guide with over a decade of experience in holding space for individuals and groups around the world;

  • Author of The Teen Spirit Guide to Mediumship, a book aimed at supporting trainee mediums to connect with spirit and deliver their insights as safely and powerfully as possible;

  • Host of my own Divine Feminist Community;

  • The former supporting space holder for a five-month immersive online programme, led by a best-selling author in the Wellness industry and holding space for the deep inward journeys of over 100 women across the world

Ready to book your place?

Then let’s go! It would be an honour to have you as part of our group.


The full Hold and Be Held course costs £225 (approximately $308 USD at the time of writing), but book your place before 4th February 2022 to receive a 20% discount, meaning that you pay just £180 (approx. $247 USD at the time of writing).


Still feels a little much during the January pinch? Not to worry, the payment plans below mean you can pay just £32 (approx. $44 USD) a week over six weeks to confirm your place.


And that’s not all… Want to deepen this journey further? Why not supplement your experience with 1:1 Soul Support Sessions with me?


This blend of Counselling Therapy, Mentoring and Energy Work usually costs £85 an hour, but as a member of the Super-powered Space Holding course, you can pre-book one session for an additional £75 (approx. $103 USD), or two for £130 (approx $177 USD).


Simply click on the links below to book your place now. And act fast – as this is the first time I have run this course, I’m capping numbers to keep it a truly intimate experience.

Book your spot now

Pay in full or in installments via the links below.

The details
  • The course will officially begin on Thursday, 17th February, with workshops taking place on the following dates:

    • Thursday, 17 February, 19.00 UK time (14.00 ET/ 11.00 PT)

    • Thursday, 24 February, 19.00 UK time (14.00 ET/ 11.00 PT)

    • Thursday, 3 March, 19.00 UK time (14.00 ET/ 11.00 PT)

    • Thursday, 10 March, 19.00 UK time (14.00 ET/ 11.00 PT)

    • Thursday, 17 March, 19.00 UK time (15.00 ET/ 12.00 PT – tbc following daylight savings)

    • Thursday, 24 March, 19.00 UK time (15.00 ET/ 12.00 PT – tbc following daylight savings)

    • Closing circle: Thursday, 31 March, 19.00 UK time (15.00 ET/ 12.00 PT – tbc following daylight savings)

All workshops will be recorded and each recording shared with members.

  • Group support sessions will take place directly after each workshop session and will not be recorded to ensure confidentiality.

  • All course members will be invited to our exclusive online group at least one week before the first workshop, with encouragement to participate regularly in that group.

  • At the time of your order, you will receive an email confirmation and receipt for your payment. Further details will be shared with you during the week commencing 7 February, when our online group will be established.

  • Details on booking your Soul Support session(s) will also be shared during or after the week commencing 7 February.

  • Please note that refunds are not possible once the course has begun.

  • As this is the first time this course has run, numbers will be capped to ensure a safe and supportive space for everyone. Please note that future iterations of the course may increase in price or even duration, although past attendees will have access to any updated materials moving forwards.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ceryn.