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Well hello,
and welcome...

I'm Ceryn, and to put it bluntly I'm all about helping you to overcome whatever is holding you back, make the most of your time here and remember how bloody amazing you are. 


I LOVE this work, and I'm always honoured to work with the amazing ladies who decide it's time to work on their stories. 


But I'm a firm believer that before you can trust someone with the things that are most important to you, you need to get to know them.


You've already read my story; read on for a more professional bio, some of my most favourite things, and the super important details you might want to know before you choose me as the person to support you
on this journey...

Having been born and bred almost as far North as you can go before England becomes Scotland, I like to think I’m both tough (there’s a reason Jon Snow wears a lot of layers at the wall…) and stereotypically caring – the people of  my city, Newcastle, are consistently voted among the most welcoming and generous in the world, which is always nice.


It’s also given me a direct line to some pretty awesome magic though; both sets of grandparents hailing from the mining communities where spiritualism was a prominent feature, much of our heritage around the Celtic way of thinking, and a steady stream of beautiful beaches, old castles, tiny villages and beautiful countryside there to inspire my mind day to day.

A woman stands with in front of a mirror with aiPhone in her right hand and her left hand on her hip, wearing a black t-shirt featuring Marvel characters and the slogan "I only kiss super heroes" in pink; and white shorts with a red draw string and Marvel characters.

Not only do I love a good story, but I’m a sucker for a handsome man, a cinema trip and anything I can get geeky about; Marvel do a great job of ticking those boxes. Head to Pinterest to find out more that I'm geek about.

A natal birth chart; black on a white background with planets in a bowl formation.

I’m an Aquarius with Libra rising and a Scorpio Moon. Astrology is just one of the spiritual things I love to delve into, although I’m only just getting to grips my chart However my friend Gizem is a genius when it comes to the stars – check out her site here.

I bloody love a good brownie, and my absolute favourites come from the Pet Lamb Patisserie,  Newcastle, and Fat Witch, New York City. Since I’m lactose intolerant most brownies are pretty much a no no, please think of me when you enjoy one!

Chocolateand raspberry brownies on a glass plate, image from Pet Lamb Patisserie, Newcstle.
The Ravenclaw house logo - a brown illustrated bird with is wings spread in front of a gold trimmed, blue filled illustrated shield, with a blue background. Image taken from

Remember when I said I'm a geek ? The Potter-verse is definitely a big part of that. I’m a proud Ravenclaw. Don't know your Hogwarts  (or Ilvermory for that matter – I’m a Thunderbird by the way) house? Find out for yourself at Pottermore.

Away from all things work related I’ve always adored swimming, and am constantly trying to get better at yoga and to crack recipes for the perfect dairy-free desserts. I’m a big fan of stories be they on the page, on screen or on a stage – particularly when they have a bit of suspense, an element of romance and more than a little touch of magic (if that sounds good to you and you haven’t checked out Nora Roberts, you really need to. Just saying).


I love to bake and to garden, and am really passionate about travelling and exploring new places whenever I can. Whether that’s tramping through fields in my wellies with Kali, getting dolled up for a night out with the girls or pottering around a little village with my mum, it’s all about the adventure.


I’m a huge geek, so the metaphors I come out with in our sessions are as likely to refer to Harry Potter and superheroes as they do Goddesses and mythology; and have a real passion for exploring and learning as much about the world as I can.


The personal story